Portable Air Conditioner Hire

Airpower Climate Hire is the leader in the portable air conditioner space, and we specialize in serving commercial clients. We know how crucial the correct levels of consistent conditioning are to commercial premises' daily workings, and our portable air conditioner hire solutions are designed to meet these needs.

Portable Air Conditioner Hire Options

Our company stocks an impressive range of portable air conditioning systems for various settings and applications. Whether you are looking to cool your office, retail space or any other commercial establishment, we can provide the type of portable AC you need. We aim to deliver the best-suited cooling solutions to your cooling issues, such as:

  • Employee Cooling – Keeping your staff comfortable on hot days;
  • OH&S – Managing heat-related fatigue and stress 
  • Ventilation – Providing fresh, cooled air to various poorly ventilated spaces;
  • Equipment Cooling – Creating lower ambient temperatures for overheating equipment, devices or machinery
  • Other 

There are many different AC units available, and our experts are here to advise you on portable air conditioner hire. They will answer all your queries and provide input to ensure you make the right choice for your needs. Our company has been catering to the air conditioning needs of commercial clients throughout the region for over 25 years. We use our experience and knowledge to ensure that our clients get the best and most effective portable air conditioner solutions. 

Range Of Air-Conditioners for Hire 

As mentioned earlier, we have a range of air conditioning systems on hire, so you are sure to find something to suit your needs. Some of these systems include:

  • Air Conditioners for Office Spaces and Small Computer Rooms- These units can adjust the humidity levels and temperature in small rooms and come with multiple functions such as fan ventilation, dehumidification, and cooling. They are perfect for small computer rooms and office spaces. The installation is straightforward as we duct the units to doors, windows or ceiling times and no structural changes are required.
  • Air Conditioners for Larger Office Spaces- An ideal solution for spot cooling, the units have two directional adjustable cooling functions. They can be ducted to a door, window, or ceiling tile very easily and are powerful and portable. Larger portable air conditioner hire options work well for settings like shops, banks, hospitals, computer rooms and office spaces. 

  • Air conditioning for Factory Areas/Department Stores, Retail Spaces- These portable air conditioners come with an adjustable thermostat that enables accurate temperature control in the area to be air-conditioned. They have flexible, two-directional cooling air ducts with the power required for most applications. These spot cooling units work well in shops, retail spaces, larger offices, and computer rooms. You can also install them in a factory area if required, and you would not need to make any structural changes. 

  • Air Conditioning For Larger Factory Areas – These large capacity portable AC units are ideal for spot cooling larger factory areas and computer rooms. Like our other units, these do not need any structural changes, and our team will duct them to windows, doors or ceiling tiles. They are powerful and effective yet easily movable. 

  • Compact Evaporative Air Cooler- These units use evaporation for air-cooling. The system circulates water into a cooling pad from a large water reservoir. The air in the damp pad is cooled by evaporation, and the fan draws this cool air, channeling it to the desired areas. Since no structural changes are required, the installation is straightforward. 

For additional information and details about our portable air conditioner hire, please call Airpower Climate Hire. Depending on where you are located, these are the numbers to call Alexandria (02) 9693 2225, Parramatta (02) 9806 9155, and St. Leonards (02) 9439 3655. For all urgent requests, reach out to us via our 24Hr Emergency Line- 0418 639 644. 

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