Commercial Portable Air Conditioners

Most commercial spaces are air-conditioned, and having a temperature-controlled environment is essential to their workings for various reasons. The appropriate indoor temperature helps improve staff and employee productivity, comfort and is necessary for computers and other equipment to function optimally. 

If your onsite air conditioning system isn't working as it should or breaks down without warning, you need to make some immediate arrangements for cooling the premises. That's where commercial portable air conditioners come in. 

Sometimes, you might need additional cooling in certain rooms or areas of your commercial property during the hot summer months. Even in this situation, a portable air conditioner becomes the best solution for you. We at Airpower Climate Hire cater to commercial clients and offer the most suitable commercial air conditioner rentals for your needs. 

What Are Commercial Portable Air Conditioners?

The term portable does not always indicate that these units are small. You can install these ACs without any modification to the commercial building but wouldn't want to move them from one area to another the way you would standard fans. These units are heavy (some models can weigh up to 90kg), which means it isn’t always easy to maneuver them. But all our portable AC units have wheels, making it easier to move and install them in the desired locations, by professional and trained installers.

How Does A Portable Air Conditioner Work?

A portable air conditioner works like a standard built-in AC, sucking in the humid and warm air, dehumidifying and cooling it and channeling it back into the room. A single-duct is fitted to the portable AC and connected via our custom timber panel to false ceiling or window, which vents heat from the room. This way conditioning the indoor air and venting the warmer air outside, which helps to cool the room, taking moisture out at the same time. 

When the duct vents the hot air outside, it reduces the net air pressure, and warm air is drawn into that room from other areas in the building. It’s why you need to have an efficient and suitable air conditioner based on your property’s needs. 

We Help Solve All Your Cooling Needs Fast

We at Airpower are leaders in this industry, with over 20 years experience. Our company understands that every property is different and that each client will have specific requirements. These aspects help ensure you get the type of air conditioning solutions you need:

  • We know that you want your portable air conditioner to be easy to use and maneuver, which is why all the AC models in our fleet come with wheels. They all have single-phase 240-volt power cables too, are all pre-tested and tagged prior to use.
  • During installation, our technicians will not make any structural alterations. They will duct the AC ducting through a window or the roof space via a custom-made ceiling tile, which helps provide quiet, efficient cooling in the room.
  • Proper sizing is crucial when selecting commercial portable air conditioners. An underpowered unit will stress itself to cool the room resulting in ineffective cooling and faster burnout. Contrastingly, an overpowered unit will consume far more energy, resulting in higher energy bills. We have a good understanding of all these aspects, and our team will assess the space before providing solutions best suited to your needs. 

High-Grade Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions 

We provide you with all the information you need about the different commercial portable air conditioners available. Our experts will guide you and provide their input so you get the right level of cooling in your commercial setting. 

For more details and information about our commercial portable air conditioners, please call Airpower Climate Hire. Depending on where you are located, these are the numbers to call Alexandria (02) 9693 2225, Parramatta (02) 9806 9155, and St. Leonards (02) 9439 3655. 

For all urgent requests, reach out to us via our 24Hr Emergency Line- 0418 639 644. Our team is on-call round the clock and will be at your location within the shortest time to address your portable air conditioning needs. 

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